Persuasive Augmented Virtual E-commerce

What is PAVE?

PAVE is a platform which combines well known ecommerce systems with augmented or virtual reality environments to offer an engaging shopping experience. PAVE's vision is to create v-commerce as the global standard in online consumption where consumers can easily search, select, share, investigate and buy products.

Defining the future of the retail experience

What problem does PAVE solve?

Traditional retailers are now struggling to attract people into their stores. Hence in order to stay relevent stores need a combination of ecommerce with AR/VR experiences. PAVE adds significant value to the way consumers engage and interact with products in stores or online through the use of Augmented / Mixed and Virtual Reality devices.

Creating retail experiences through visualization

How does it work?

PAVE takes the existing consumption culture where the majority of people are familiar with online and mobile purchasing, and enhances this 2D environment by using existing 2D digital assets within a virtual 3D environment which is accessed within an Augmented or Virtual Reality platform.

A retail ecosystem that will revolutinize purchase behavior.

Pave is working with a number of technologies to develop an ecosystem that enables several different retail industries to adopt augmented and virtual reality systems.